Katsantonis on stage in Melbourne

Katsantonis on stage in Melbourne

The play "Katsantonis" raises the Oceania Federation Panepirotiki Saturday, May 23, the «Renaissance Theatre» Kew High School Community Theatre, 826 High Street, East Kew at 7:30 PM

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Everyone, young and old, are welcome. Authorities, Schools, Federations, Communities, Organizations, etc. Friends, the whole community. The 'Katsantonis' refers to a historical event that took place during the Ottoman rule around 1800, in Epirus in Ioannina in the city of legends and traditions. There was the kingdom of Ali Pasha, the castle by the lake. The Armatolon and thieves! (hence Katsantonis) lived in the mountains and acted with surprises and ambushes. The center of Acarnania have happened

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