Pita celebration 2017

Pita celebration 2017

On Sunday, November 19, 2017, from 1.00 pm until late in the afternoon, we celebrate the annual  "Feast of the Epirus Pitta" in Melbourne.

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On Sunday, November 19, 2017, the Panepirotic Union of Melbourne and Victoria organizes the established "Feast of the Epirus Pitta" at Star International, 1C Bell Street, Preston; from 1.00am to late afternoon.

Members and friends will have the chance to taste the delicious traditional pies and dance to the Epirotic rhythms.

With the aim of preserving and promoting the ethnics and customs of the Epirus land in Antipodes, the Board of Directors will allocate this year's income to the "Frontida" foundation for elderly people, a commendable gesture of the Panepirotic Union of Melbourn Board of Directors that deserves to find imitators.

Tradition and local heritage define the identity of the Panepirotic Union.

For reservation you can call: Spyros Tsatsis 0417 303 700, Vasilis Angelis 9803 8218 and Christos Dostas 0423 963 766.

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