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About Prefecture of Preveza

Geographically, Preveza is situated in a strategic position in the centre of the coastal region of northwestern Greece. It is known for Ancient Nicopolis, the Acheron River and the Necromanteion (Oracle of the Dead). It is on the southern tip of the prefecture which has a wedge-like shape and ends in a peninsula with two arms stretching across the entrance to the Ambracian Gulf. From the city one may reach coasts of the Ionian Sea and beaches which stretch to a total length of over 50 km just a short distance from the Preveza-Igoumenitsa motorway. Furthermore, one may reach the Ambracian Gulf with its numerous lagoons to its north side while the nearby estuaries of Louros and Arachthos are of exceptional ecological interest. South of Preveza is Aitoloacarnania and the island of Lefkada while to the northwest lie small seashore semi-mountainous settlements. The traditional summer resort of Parga is a one-hour drive away.

The Preveza City

The visitor to the city of Preveza can stroll through the alleys of the historical centre with their architectural diversity, which constitutes a heritage of the city's history over the centuries and bears the imprint of the various conquerors whose influence is apparent: narrow streets of another age, nineteenth century mansions with their remarkable architecture along with houses with insular features. The cobbled alley of Seitan Bazaar with its traditional "ouzeri" (ouzo serving places) is a famous area in the town. During the Turkish occupation, the inhabitants of the area would smear the alleyway with whatever fat they had so that the Turkish soldiers patrolling in their iron-nailed shoes would fall down. One Turkish officer who fell victim to the inhabitants' trick shouted "Seitan Bazaar!" which means "Devil's Bazaar!", hence the name of the alley.

Archaeological sites and Monuments

Nicopolis was founded after the momentous naval battle that took place on 2 September 31 BC at Aktium. The consequence of this battle was the collapse of the last Hellenistic kingdom and the beginning of the Roman Age under the monocracy of the victor, Octavian Augustus. In memory of his glorious victory, Octavian founded Nicopolis to the southern most end of Epirus by forcing the inhabitants from around twenty cities of Etolia, Acarnania and Epirus to resettle there, in addition to bringing new settlers from Italy.

Situated close to ancient Ephyra, on the top of a small hill, on the northwestern side of which lies the present day village of Mesopotamos, is the most important and most ancient Oracle of the Dead of Antiquity, the Nekromanteion of Acheron. It was here that the ancients located the Gates of the Underworld which led to the kingdom of Hades (Pluto), who ascended to the Upper World only to abduct the beautiful Persephone. Charon, the ferryman of Hades carried dead souls across the Acheron river to the entrance of Hades, after having received a coin (the obol) which was placed in or on the mouth of the dead by their relatives to pay for passage.

The historic rock of Zalongo is the historical site where, in 1803, 63 Souliot women with their children danced their way to their death, falling off the cliff, because they did not want to be captured by the men of Ali Pasha (1788-1822), when Souli finally surrendered after years of fighting. In honour of these heroines, who chose death over disgrace and misery, a memorial was erected at the top of this cliff as a symbol of commemoration and self-sacrifice. This monument was placed there in 1961, a work by sculptor Georgios Zongolopoulos and architect Patroklos Karantinos.

Vrachoskepasti Boila is located at the exit of Voidomati river valley, between Klidonia and Aghios Minas villages and preserves fill embankments of Late Superior Paleolithic Era (16.000 - 10.000 B.C.).

Demographic Details of Perfecture of Preveza

  • Area ( 1.036
  • Population (2001): 59.334
  • Population Density(hab/ 57
  • Capital City: Preveza

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