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Donation to "Fronditha Care"

Donation to "Fronditha Care"

The Pita was a successful event and $5000.00 (Five-Thousand Dollars) from this event were donated this year to the nursing home "FRONDITHA CARE" 

In the photo:

A memoir with the President of the Fronditha Care Board and Chair of the Governance Committee, Mr Nick Thodos (wearing the tie) from Left to Right, Spiros Tsatsis (Treasurer of Panepirotic Union Executive Committee), Anna Tsangas (Member Ladies Auxiliary), Areti Trantza (President of Ladies Auxiliary), Daphne Hatzistavrou (President of Panepirotic Union Executive Committee), Eleni Tsoumbris (Member of Ladies Auxiliary), Irene Ntaoulas (Member of Ladies Auxiliary) and Mr Nick Thodos.

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