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Our new Board of Directors

After the general meeting held on September 18, 2011 the new Board of Panepirotic Union of Melbourne & Victoria for the next two years are.

  • President: Ntostas Xristos
  • Vice President: Porfiris Euaggelos
  • Secretary: Andreas konstantinidis
  • Treasurer: Dafni Hatzistaurou
  • Members: Hlias Sourdis
  • Mixopoulos Vasileios
  • Soulas Ioannins
  • Panagiotou Konstantinos
  • Doumas Ioannis

For the woman department are:

  • President: Tsagka Anna
  • Secretary: Mixopoulos Litsa
  • Treasurer: Gkaniatsa Eleutheria
  • Members: Pikouli Sofia
  • Tsagka Diamanto
  • Petrou Vasiliki

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